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Potte & Co. Blast Mitigation

Construction Security

Threat Assessment of Commercial Properties • ISO 16933:2006

One of the most specialized areas of expertise is to factor risk of an explosion. Most relate explosions to subversive or terrorist type actions, but extreme cold weather constricting the earth can rupture gas mains that can also cause explosions. When building commercial properties for either private or government facilities obtaining a blast mitigation assessment can reduce risk and help insure safety for those that occupy the facilities.

Construction Services

Low Voltage • Fiber Optics • Home/Commercial Security • Fire • AV Automations • Lighting

We have developed one of the best technical teams in the industry. Ease of deployment is our aim. We consult on any construction project so that the conveniences that a home owner wants are integrated into the home. We manage home security, fire, water control, lighting, TV, stream devices, audio distribution, by integrating these through Control4 hardware and software. Visit our dedicated website for these services. Click Here.

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