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Your Career Starts Here

Potter & Co is a equal opportunity employer. Many requirements for employment with this firm range from prior security clearance to active security clearence. Many of our applicants use us as a stepping stone to the next great chapter of their lives.

Potter & Co. Careers


Each year we take on 10 interns from the around the world. Their on job training, prepares them for a life's career in everything from clandestine services to accounting, fraud examination to intellgence analysis.

Potential Contractors


Honorable separation or retiredment from either a city, county, state or federal law enforcement agency or from military service is the first step in being a contractor for us. You must have specialized training in a modality that best fits our mission.

Paralegals / Staff


We use paralegals and support staff to carry our the work that is vital to our clients.

Paralegals get to strategize along with our in-house attorneys. Our general staff is the backbone to on time reporting and client retention.

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