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Potter & Co Global Offices

About Potter & Co.


An ever-changing obstacle requires an ever-changing strategy. In this world risk mitigation can only be achieved through accurate intelligence, reliable field operators, and seasoned tacticians. Strategists, who take the time to understand all the variables, thus allowing us to predict the future. Drawing upon the expertise of our experts, we are able to achieve goals others fall short of. Specificity of abilities is usually manifested through a long career in a multi-faceted theater. Training is the foundation to highly effective abilities but time tested and measurable results is what separates us from everyone else. 


Mission Statement:

As a diversified company we reach a broad client base by providing a broad range of services. These services are specialized by the case managers that are skilled in that particular discipline. For example: When requesting due diligence we use former background investigators who have spent a career developing the sources necessary to access information about a subject that is usually hidden by most reporting agencies. Another example is when we're asked for Geo Political Risk Assessments, having former foreign and commonwealth office or U.S. Department of State Department analysts, for that particular country of interest, gives our clients the time critical information necessary to make valuable decisions. An example of having those relationships is being able to predict the best course of action when a utility company is attempting construction in a country that has civil unrest. Utilizing our key contacts in that region, gives our clients the edge they need to make informed decisions, thus reducing risk.

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