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Potter & Co. Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services • ISO 9001:2008

With a dedicated litigation support service Potter & Co provides a broad spectrum of litigation support beginning with pre-discovery and continuing through trial. Today’s litigation process demands proper management of both traditional paper-based discovery, and the tremendous volume of electronic data, or electronically stored information. Potter & Co offers more than three decades of combined experience in document processing, database construction and management, and hosting. Our staff is dedicated to providing its clients with an end product that streamlines the document review process in order to present the critical components of each case in a concise and effective manner during settlement negotiations and/or trial.


Moreover, as a division of Potter & Co we are the only litigation support services provider that is ISO 9001:2008 compliant, namely our services are held to a higher standard than our competitors, ensuring that you receive the highest-quality results in the industry. Whether your litigation support needs require document translation, simultaneous interpretation, court reporters for depositions, or an online review platform during discovery, Potter & Co can handle any task—seamlessly.

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