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Potter & Co. Private Investigation

Private Investigations

Specializing in Civil & Criminal Investigations

Private Investigations has for so many years been looked upon as a retirement job for former lawmen. At Potter & Co. we take this concept to a new level. By utilizing methodologies of former Special Agents and Investigators from such well known agencies as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, ATF, Homeland Security HSI, IRS Criminal Division, HM Customs and Excise, SOCA, and National Crime Agency. These highly trained, well-seasoned investigators apply their experience to our client cases. From Due Diligence to Corporate Espionage or Anti-Illicit Trade, we have the right investigator for whatever our clients needs may present.


We specialize in a host of investigative services to serve our clients from background investigations, due diligence, to fraud investigations, corporate litigation support, undercover and sub-rosa investigations, surveillance operations, forensic accounting and re-construction, criminal malfeasance, witness locates, assets searching, pre-loan investigations and wrongful death.

Sub-Rosa Investigations and Surveillance

We provide sub-rosa investigations and tactical surveillance operations on a global scale. Sub-rosa or "Under The Rose" has been a practice used for decades in uncovering and discovering the truth. It's techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner. Our methods utilize identity back stops, legends and we operate at the highest levels of discretion.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Our intellectual property investigations range from sector to sector. From counterfeit clothing, tobacco, artwork, alcohol or automotive parts to trademark and patent infringement litigation support, we have specialized in IP Investigations for nearly twenty years.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations range from contract fraud, real estate fraud to schemes and pyramids. We have been successful in both the civil litigation and criminal prosecution of fraud in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Due Dilligence

One of the most critical resources a company or person can have at their disposal. Knowing about a company or person of interest can limit risk, potential loss and future problems. It also strengthen a relationship, build confidence and create wealth. Due Dilligence investigations range from personal background searches, asset searches, corporate affiliations, financial history, political affiliations and contributions, credit history, criminal and civil history.

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