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Potter & Co. Private Investigation

Technical & Electronic Security

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Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Maritime Security

The private alarm / security industry has been through so many changes with advances in technologies. Hacking and cracking through the internet and WI-FI has created a demand for products with fail safe features designed to notify when these attacks occur. We have consulted and supervised more than 100 different installs. Safe Rooms, Weapon Caches, Covert Closets, even custom furniture for home or office that stores firearms, personal effects, currency and sensitive documents.


We specialize in a host of security services to serve our clients from residential: burglary, intrusion, hack-detection, fire and smoke sensors, water and main water shut off to commercial office, building or factory to maritime security: bilge pump controls, fire, flooding and hijacking systems.

Surveillance Cameras

We use the best for the budget and the needs. Whether thats Axis, Hikvision or Bosche, we have the camera for any need.

License Plate Recognition Software (LPR)

License Plate Recognition is a sought after technology and necessity for residents or commercial uses where high traffic is an issue. Now with LPR software intergrated into gate security cameras, all vehicles license plates are caputred and stored.

Safe to Exit Safety Slides

If you are on the second floor or the thirtyth floor emergency slides or tubes are you fail safe to fire or natural disaster.

Technical Intergrations

We have partnered with the world most innovative automations company, Control4. To offer clients an array of residential, commercial and martime automations to make your life easy.

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